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Mille mercis pour vos chaleureux messages qui nous vont droit au cœur ! Ils sont une source d’encouragement pour nous et pour tous ceux qui nous aident a rendre ces sorties possibles :-)

Juste vous dire Bravo !
Nous, 2 adultes et ma fille de 14 ans, avons eu un immense plaisir. Et c'est certainement aussi grâce à notre guide qui nous a passionnées.

Merci !

K. Konan  |  2021  |  CH

Guide Lavaux

It was such a pleasure to meet you- and I really enjoyed your tour... you are so knowledgeable about the area, it was truly a treat to walk n wine with you!!

I will be sure to tell my friends who are coming this way to contact you!
J. Warburg  |  2021  |  USA

On Friday I attended one of your tours, and I just wanted to message and thank Laika for the most amazing experience - we learned so much, and she was so insightful, knowledgeable, attentive and enthusiastic. It was an experience of a lifetime, and one we'll appreciate and remember forever!
Thank you again,

J. Hughes  |  2021  |  UK

A huge thanks from our team!
Everyone really enjoyed the outing and the wine tasting.
We will be sure to tell our friends!

A. Dempster  |  2021  |  CH

Visite Lavaux
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